Something for the early riseres...

4.50 |  min  12  serves

petite  croissants |  hand  filled  with  delightful  sweet  spreads

banana  bread |  with  cinnamon  butter

mini  Danish |  assorted  varieties

super  bliss  balls |  rolled  into  a  delicious  bite  size  balls

health  bar |  fingers  of  fruit  &  oats,  a  healthy  low  fat  bar

5.50  |  min  12  serves

petite  croissants |  smoked  salmon,  cream  cheese  &  cucumber

banana  bread |  with  a  delightful  checker  board  of  sweet  toppings

house made  scones |  with  vanilla  bean  cream  &  strawberry  jam

sweet  pikelets  |  finished  with  colourful  spreads  &  fruits

savory  pikelets |  topped  with  colorful  savory  delights

mini  pikelet  stacks  |  skewered  &  layered  with  cream  cheese,  

berries  &  chocolate  with  a  light  dust  of  icing  sugar

6.50 | min 15 serves  served hot

egg & bacon | English muffins with tomato relish & tasty cheese

sausage & egg | English muffins with tomato relish & cheese

mini eggs benedict | poached egg, smoked ham,  

hollandaise & chives

mini eggs florentine | bed of wilted spinach, poached egg,  

hollandaise & chives

baby brioche rolls | with scrambled eggs, baby spinach & chives  

breaky pot pies | smoked ham, spinach, & egg in a puff base with an onion jam top

salmon croquettes | with sweet potato, & chives lightly crumbed with quinoa GF

tartless tarts| creamed corn, cheese, spring peas, & ham  

with a cream cheese dollop GF

Vietnamese rice roll | egg omelette, mushroom, avocado,  

coriander, mint & black sesame

chipolata Turkish pockets | sautéed peppers, onion, & tasty  

chipolata sausage

Turkish focaccia | double egg, crispy bacon, cheese  & tomato relish

Breaky burritos  | egg omelette layered w baby spinach, tomato relish, sautéed mushroom, crispy bacon & tasty cheese  

super good omelette wraps | filled w mushroom, roast  

pumpkin & tasty cheese

steamed Asian milk bun| honey soy pulled chicken,  

mushrooms & Asian greens

open bagels| assorted spreads with a variety of either sweet or  

savoury toppings

6.50 | min 20 pieces

Puff Swirls

smoked ham | cheese & semi sun-dried tomato  

pulled chicken | cream cheese & chives  

roasted vegetables | basil pesto & feta  

nutella | banana, strawberry & crushed nuts

ricotta | sultanas & wild berry  

apple & cinnamon | with crumble

4.50 | min 20 piece

Mini Omelette Pots Skewered & Dressed

smoked ham | capsicum & cheese

vegetarian| broccoli, cheese & red peppers

vegetarian |  mushroom,  spring  onion,  feta  &  tasty  cheese

7.50  |  min  20  serves


nutella |  &  banana  with  a  berry  drizzle

berries |  &  cream  cheese  

ricotta |  fig  &  superseeds

7.50  |  min  10  serves

Gourmet  Croissant  

daily  assorted  varieties  as  per  kitchen  availability 

7.50  |  min  15  serves

Breakfast  Rolls

BLAT  |  crisp  bacon,  lettuce,  avocado  &  tomato  on  a  soft  baguette  roll

stuffed  crusty  baguettes  |  lined  with  a  cream  cheese  &  chives  mix,  

stuffed  with  an  omelette  mix  of  red  peppers,  feta  &  wilted  spinach 


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