For those who like to graze...

58.00 per person | Food Stations | min. 6 persons

Stations are self-serve & include both savoury & sweet options,  tablescaping is complimentary.


A tropical display of vegetarian & gluten free items, assorted cold  pressed juices & milks, flourless cake, Vietnamese rice paper rolls,  sandwiches, naked bun-less burgers & a rainbow of exotic fruits  


An abundant assortment of Sushi styles resting on a bed of ice  displayed in a square clear perspex cases

Asian Bar

Bao-gers, sushi platters, fried Asian baskets, noodle boxes &  skewered tempura prawns along with classic Asian sweet desserts.

Dumpling Bar  

A variety of steamed dumplings served with Asian dipping sauces  & pickled vegetables.


Antipasto platters, artisan breads, assorted pizza, Italian pastas & caprese salad.

Grill Bar  

A variety of gourmet sausages in brioche rolls with grilled onions, burger sliders, skewered meats & seafood with an array of dipping sauces & two salads of choice from our menu.

The Aegean  

Plattered dips, skewered meat, rice wrapped in vine leaves, spinach & cheese filo parcels & lightly crumbed baby calamari.

The Bakery

House baked pies, sausage rolls, pasties, herb twists, with sides of smashed minty peas, root vegetable mash & traditional relishes.

High Tea

Classic tea ribbon sandwiches, acai pod collections, exotic fruit, macaroons, with an array of petite four cakes & slices  


Three varieties of continental sausages, chicken drumettes & loin chops, baked potatoes, fried rice, two salads of choice, bread rolls & a variety of condiments.


Traditional yiro meat of lamb & or chicken, cooked over charcoal on a traditional spit, spanakopita filo pastries, basmati rice, tzatziki, & Greek salad, souvlaki pita bread, cooked on an open charcoal traditional spit.

Cheese & Wine Bar  

A great selection of fine cheeses, quince paste, grapes, grilled peaches, pears, figs, dates, strawberries crackers, & walnuts, paired with local white & red wines.

Souvlaki Bar  

Crate your own souvlaki, with traditional yiro meat of lamb & or chicken, tomato, lettuce, onion, condiments & pita bread.


Lamb tajine, Moroccan cigars, lamb kebab, burek, roast vegetable couscous, dips, flat bread & assorted baklavas.

Christmas Feast Festive  

Cheese & fruit platter, roast Turkey in an orange glaze, medley of roast vegetables with pumpkin seeds & cranberries, baked potatoes, mini truffles & Christmas puddings, fruit mince tarts & Turkey cranberry & Swiss cheese rolls.

Tickled Pink

All things pink, fresh fruit, berry muffins, bliss balls, cupcakes, acai pods, beetroot quinoa savoury cakes and chicken ribbon sandwiches with beetroot hummus & eggplant.

 95.00  |  regular

125.00  |  large

Tablescape  Pieces  

unique  fresh  floral  fruit  &  vegetable  designs  for  your  event  or  office.  Designs  &  vessels  are  unique  one  off  pieces,  subject  to  seasonal  produce  availability

Buffet Sweets Table
Customised  themes  available  please  inquire  



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