For something light & filling

   6.50  |  Individual  Pods  

65.00  |  Regular,  6  to  8  persons

95.00  |  Large  ,  8  to  10  persons

Presented  plattered  or  in  single  serves.  

Salads  are  available  daily  on  a  rotating  basis.    Ask  us  for  our  special  salad  for  the  day  for  your  catering  event.  

Asian  Beef

marinated  beef,  vermicelli  noodles,  carrot,  coriander,  mint,  chopped  

nuts,  sautéed  shallots  &  bok  choy

Asian  Honey  Soy  Chicken  with  Vermecelli  Rice  Noodles

pulled  honey  soy  chicken,  juliane  carrots,  red  capsicum,  

snow  peas,  roast  cashews,  bean  shots  &  black  sesame

Meat  or  Vegetarian  Available

honey  soy  |  side  dressing

GF  Pesto  Pasta  

with  baby  spinach,  fetta,  red  fired  roasted  peppers,  sunflower  

&  pumpkin  seeds

Orange  Chicken

marinated  cajun  chicken  strips,  cherry  tomatoes,  juliane  carrot,  

snow  peas,  orange  segments,  maple  roasted  walnuts  

&  baby  spinach  

orange  lemon  mustard  |  side  dressing

Ancient  Grain  Salad  

lenthils,  quinoa,  sauteed  brown  onion,  minicol  cheese,  mint,  

coriander,  toasted  almond  flakes,  sultanas,  pomegranate  

&  chickpeas

Mediterranean  |  side  dressing


buckwheat,  pomegranate,  roasted  carrot,  red  peppers,  parsley,  

mint,  onions  &  roasted  walnuts

Mediterranean  |  side  dressing

Lentil  Salad

Orange  lentils,  carrot,  parsley,  pumpkin  seeds,  roast  pumpkin  

&  red  onion  with  tofu

Orange  mustard  |  side  dressing

Cypriot  Grain  Salad

freekah,  lentils,  coriander,  parsley,  red  onion,  slithered  almonds,  

pumpkin  seeds,  baby  capers,  currants  &  pomegranate

Mediterranean  |  side  dressing

Roquette  &  Pear

poached  red  wine  pear,  freekeh,  maple  roasted  walnuts,  dill,  roquette  

&  shaved  parmesan

Roast  Lamb  &  Mint

mixed  salad  greens,  cherry  tomatoes,  basil,  parsley,  red  wheat  

berries,  roasted  green  pepers,  olives,  feta  &  oregano

Mediterranean  |  side  dressing

Mediterranean  Couscous

couscous,  chickpeas,  four  bean  mix,  parsley,  roast  pumpkin  &  

zucchini,  red  peppers,  parsley,  mint,  sultanas  &  feta

Roast  Vegetable  Medley

house  spiced  &  roasted  pumpkin,  zucchini,  carrot,  sweet  potato  &  

broccoli  with  basil,  sunflower  seeds  &  semi  dried  tomato

Mediterranean  |  side  dressing

Cauliflower  Fried  Rice

lightly  roasted  cauliflower  with  turmeric  egg,  red  capsicum,  peas,  corn  &  carrot  with  an  asian  base  flavour  GF  |  V

Pumpkin,  Brown  Rice  &  Feta

roast  pumpkin  &  brown  rice,  black  &  red  quinoa,  pumpkin  seeds,  

sultanas,  baby  spinach  &  rocket,  with  feta  Citrus  dressing

Curry  Chicken  with  Asian  Slaw

pulled  curry  chicken,  snow  peas  &  sprouts,  julianne  carrots,  white  &  

red  cabbage,  celery,  fresh  mint,  coriander,  ginger  &  lemongrass

GF  Tuna  Pasta

tuna  in  spring  water  with  red  &  green  capsicum,  corn,  &  parsley  in  a  whole  egg  mayo,  mixed  with  a  GF  pasta  on  a  bed  of  baby  spinach

Potato  Salad

sweet  &  white  potato,  with  green  beans,  spring  onions,  dill  parsley  

&  sliced  egg  in  a  whole  egg  mayo  &  vinaigrette  |  dressing

The  Birds  Nest

soft  boiled  eggs  rolled  in  fresh  parsley  &  basil  on  a  four  bean  mix,  

with  sauteed  onion,  mushroom  &  brown  quinoa  with  alfalfa,  snowpea  

shoots  &  sunflower  seeds        

Mediterranean  |  side  dressing

I want something special

Need to cater for 60 people? We can custom make any of the salads subject to seasonal ingredient availability. Email enquiries to