An Easy Way To Eat Smart - Here's How

We're all for eating nutritious, well-balanced meals. But we also know how tricky it can be to plan and prep tasty meals to hit your health goals. 

There's no quick fix, but there's convenience.

Portions Lifestyle Cuisine has devoted their whole offering to serving the community with dietitian-approved, nutritious ready-made meals. 

Partnering with professional chefs, sports-dietitians and personal trainers, the Portions team have meticulously crafted nutritious menus. Best part is, they prioritize only whole, seasonal ingredients. No nasties, no fillers, no artificial additives. 

They did all the hard work, so you don't have to!

Australian Guide To Healthy Eating

It's not just about the calories. Portions focuses on helping you reach your daily nutritional intake across 5 food groups.

🫛 at least 5 serves/day of vegetables, legumes or beans

🌾4-6 serves/day of grains and high-fiber varieties

🍌 2 serves/ day of fruits

🍗 2.5-3 serves/day of protein

🧀 2.5-4 serves/day of dairy or alternatives (reduced fat)

For more information, please see the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

From The Portions Kitchen, To Your Plate.

Made fresh from the Portions Commercial Kitchen in Melbourne, each meal is cooked, packed and delivered to your door.

Smarter eating has never been easier! 

Order your weekly fix of Portions Lifestyle Cuisine online via 


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