When the CEO of the council is leaving, you need to make it special! We had the pleasure creating this 360 degree lunch time spread for 180 council members. Featuring a delicious selection of savoury bites including, brioche sliders filled with crumbed chicken asian slaw, cheese burgers, veggie burgers, mini chipolata and vegetarian friendly zucchini fritters. Dressed quiche, cucumber chicken mini sandwiches, antipasto grazing spread that dressed both sides of the table, avocado bruschetta, fruit and feta skewers, House made sausage rolls, cheesy pesto arancini balls, Greek style beef skewers, mini spinach and ricotta pastries, ancient grain pots, mini Vietnamese rice paper rolls and mixed variety of sushi nori rolls.


For the sweet side of things we dressed the table with acai pods filled with passionfruit and berry options, assorted petite cakes and super slice bites, mini scones vanilla bean jam, fresh strawberries and jam.

We are always finding new ideas to stay environmentally friendly when it comes to one use items we use for our catering spreads. We recently discovered Wheat Straws by our friends at Little Green Panda. The straws are a byproduct of wheat production, a no additional cropland is required as the farmers already grow it for the food industry. Once the plant reaches maturity and turns golden yellow, the grain goes into food production. The stalks are hand-harvested and sorted before being cut and made into hay for animal fodder and, in our case, straws.


The Wheat Straw is made from the stem of the wheat plant. Non-toxic and biodegradable is a safe and eco-friendly single-use alternative to plastic straws. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, wheat straws also get points for not getting soggy. 


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