Wellness Catering with The Crew!

Here at The Healthlink Crew we thrive on providing healthy options for catered events. We are honoured to create a 360 degree catering spread, filled a selection of bright and colour food & drink option. The menu consisted of, acai yogurt chia pods with passionfruit and berry selections, fresh fruit platters, berry beauty vegan bar bites, gluten free orange cake, vegetable antipasto platter, matcha brioche buns filled with zucchini fritters, mini falafel salad pods and to wash it all down, a selection of fresh berry, green and orange juices. 

We really like colour blocking our food - can you tell? 

Delicious close up of our berry goodness!

Matcha brioche burgers & falafel salad pods!

If you want to see more of our 360 degrees of catering goodness - see the link to our Instagram page - @thehealthlinkcrew


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