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Served in a large catering bowl. Feeds 10-15 people.

Before placing order, kindly review the food information and allergy disclaimer provided below.

Feed Info

Served in a large catering bowl. Feeds 10-15 people.

Served with

Comes with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.

Allergy Disclaimer

The Healthlink Crew Kitchen is a ‘Shared Kitchen’ and not a ‘Closed Off Kitchen’, meaning common allergy ingredients such as but not limited to nuts, egg, gluten and dairy are stored cooked and prepared in the same area. We may be able to supply food items on request that do not contain these ingredients, however we cannot totally guarantee that small traces of a particular ingredient are not present in a particular food item. Our kitchen, cooking equipment and oil see a range of foods pass through them each day and common allergy ingredients may be present. 

Foods that do not contain nuts as a main ingredient include: party pies, sausage rolls, pizza, chicken strips, chips, mini dim sims, mini spring rolls and fruit platters. We cannot guarantee that food containing nuts have not been cooked in our fryer oil. All party food packaging makes notes that their products may contain traces of nuts and eggs.

Please inform any of your guests who have serious food allergies that if they are concerned, we kindly ask them to bring their own allergen free food.

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